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    Ep. 10 – Filmmaker Matt Whitworth on Developing Connections, Hearing ‘No’, And Not Bullsh*tting People

    Matt Whitworth (@mattwhitworth_) is a filmmaker and digital media entrepreneur. Matt is the creator and executive producer of the popular political documentary series, The Swamp, which has been viewed by tens of millions of people. Matt is also the creator and developer of the news app TheUpdate.

    In this episode, we discuss how Matt began his filmmaking and media career while not having a background in either filmmaking or media content creation. Matt talks about the importance of developing and maintaining a vast network of connections in order to help further his career. He tells stories of all-night flights, taking bad meetings, and hearing ‘no’ continuously while trying to start projects and companies.

    Matt gives great advice about what it takes to become successful when you start out with zero name recognition – like so many of us do – and how to gain connections and maintain them. Matt is the definition of grinding to get to where you want to go. You’ll hear all about his story, his tips and advice, and much more.