Ep. 3 – Doc Thompson on Breaking The Mold and Other Lessons Learned From a Life in Entertainment

Doc Thompson (@DocThompsonShow) is a political radio and TV host and political commentator. Doc is the host of Doc Thompson’s The Daily MoJo which appears on his newly released radio channel, MoJo5.0 Radio on the Dash Radio network. He has also created his own food radio channel, Spoony Radio, which also appears on the Dash Radio network. Doc was the former host of The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson, a radio and TV show on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze Network. Additionally, Doc provides political analysis, appearing on various television shows such as CNBC’s The Kudlow Report, The Blaze’s Real News, The Glenn Beck Program, The Pat and Stu Show, and special election coverage for CNN and Fox News. Doc has been honored to be a part of several teams, receiving a total of 7 Marconi Radio Awards from the National Association of Broadcasters. In this episode, we discuss Doc’s beginnings in radio, his experiences in radio broadcast school, and hosting his own television show. We also dive into his philosophy on breaking the mold in entertainment in order to stand out from the rest and many, many other lessons he’s learned from his life on radio and TV, including Doc’s Five Rules to Live By. Enjoy!

Show Notes: 5:00 – The moment Doc realized he wanted to be in radio 8:05 – Doc’s experience in radio school 9:49 – His advice for those going into broadcasting 13:13 – On how to build your brand and break the mold to become known 17:18 – Doc on being fired from radio stations all across the country 24:10 – Doc’s thoughts on if there was he time he wanted to quit the industry 28:30 – How Doc developed his unique on-air style 34:57 – The times when Doc failed early in his career 39:39 – On doing a TV show of a radio show 40:48 – A typical day for Doc 48:07 – Doc’s secret to being a good interviewer 54:00 – Daws Butler and the art of timing in an interview 58:12 – Doc on what it’s like starting his own radio channel 1:03:02 – The people who inspire him 1:06:26 – Doc’s advice to those with a big idea and taking action 1:11:30 – The importance of eliminating your ego 1:14:10 – The worst advice Doc hears given 1:18:28 – The best advice Doc offers people 1:21:29 – His thoughts on selfishness in the business 1:23:10 – The thing that has helped Doc progress the most in his career 1:24:00 – On what he knows now that he wishes he knew at the beginning of his career 1:27:16 – His thoughts on what most people don’t understand about being successful 1:29:50 – The message that Doc would broadcast to people 1:30:40 – Doc’s Five Rules to Live By Show Links: MoJo5.0 Radio Spoony Radio TheBlaze Network  Voice actor Daws Butler The Far Side comics Theme music: DREAM by SackJo22 ft. Jeris Haskel

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