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Ep. 8 – Wrestling Hall of Famer and Congressman Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) is an American politician and is the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district. Jordan is also a Hall of Fame wrestler after winning back-to-back NCAA Division I national championships at the University of Wisconsin.

During Jordan’s time at Wisconsin, he was a three-time All-American and two-time national champion. Jordan placed sixth in the 134-pound weight class as a sophomore followed by NCAA titles the next two seasons. His 1985 NCAA title was particularly memorable, as he defeated eventual six-time World and Olympic champion John Smith of Oklahoma State in the finals. Jordan’s final college career record was 15628-1.

Said Team USA Wrestling of Jordan, “Jim Jordan might be the best wrestler ever to occupy an elected position in the United States Government. His wrestling credentials alone speak volumes, especially in a profession where a strong voice must be heard.”

In this episode, we discuss Jordan’s early wrestling career and what it meant to be coach by his father. We also talk about the transition from his small high school wrestling program to major college wrestling at Wisconsin before finally discussing his political career.

Jordan preaches work ethic and toughness and that will be a common theme that listeners will hear throughout the interview whether it comes to wrestling, politics, or his workout regimen. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

*Fun fact: this was my first official interview. I was very nervous and you’ll probably be able to hear it. To go along with that, I did have some minor audio issues but those get cleared up within the first couple minutes of the interview.


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  • Dave Miller

    Awesome interview! I think Jim Jordan is one of the finest people we have leading our nation today … would love to be able to vote for him as our president someday. Your interview revealed some really cool things about Mr. Jordan I never knew and am going to use in my own life. Keep up the great work!

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