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Ep. 7 – Lily Abdelmalek on Training Top Professional Athletes to Peak Performance

Lily Abdelmalek (IG: lilydsatraining) is a professional sports performance training. She owns and operates Atlanta-based DSA Training where she is the go-to trainer for that many professional athletes depend on in the offseason for peak performance.

Some of Lily’s clients include: NFL players Eric Berry, A.J. Bouye, Takeo Spikes, and Jamal Lewis; NBA players Jaylen Brown and Dwight; and she also works with MLB player Jason Heyward, plus countless other professional athletes.

SB Nation said of Lily, “You can find her with a group of NFL linebackers or defensive backs, or in smaller groups with NBA or college basketball players. But Abdelmalek’s work goes deeper than just pro athletes. She is helping aspiring sports stars in the metro Atlanta area at local high schools, or at the Forum Athletic Club in Buckhead.”

In this episode, we discuss how Lily got her start in the sports performance business, the things that she has learned along the way, plus Lily opens up and talks about how the obsession with owning her own business and training professional athletes has impacted her personal life–for the better and the worse.

Lily was a fantastic interview and you can hear in her voice how much she genuinely cares about all of her clients. She tells the story of going from an intern to one of the most trusted sports performance coaches in the business. I learned a lot from Lily and I know that you will too.


Show Notes:

4:27 – What she was most impressed with working with NBA star Jaylen Brown

5:12 – On her career change from physical therapy to sports performance

7:17 – On the biggest challenges she faces being a female in a male dominated industry

8:33 – On how she got her clients to trust her at the beginning

9:50 – Lily on starting her own training company

11:00 – On how she developed her ability to train professional athletes

12:43 – The things that her athletes have taught her and why she loves training defensive backs

14:50 – On watching film to study her clients

18:24 – Her typical training day schedule

19:50 – On bringing in other professional athletes to help coach her clients

22:48 – On how she deals with the days when she is tired, stressed, and worn out

24:13 – How Lily balances work life vs. personal life

28:13 – Why Lily thinks clients keep coming back to train with her

30:23 – On how she gets professional athletes to change their thinking and correct their technique

34:08 – Lily on the most common mistakes average athletes make

35:26 – On what she thinks trainers waste the most time on

38:28 – Lily’s best bang-for-your-buck exercise

39:36 – What Lily learned from working for renowned speed trainer Loren Seagrave

40:40 – The role of competing within her training program

43:21 – On how nervous she gets working with professional athletes

47:48 – On how she compares herself to others

48:55 – On what she envisioned her life being before the training

49:49 – On how she battled the times when she wanted to give up

51:01 – On the hard times when she first started

52:13 – On how to build toughness and perseverance

52:51 – The struggle that she’s proudest to have overcome

55:02 – Lily’s mentors and they best advice they’ve given

56:56 – What Lily wishes she would’ve known at the beginning of her journey

57:34 – The product Lily thinks everybody should be using

58:16 – Daily habits that contributes most to Lily’s success

58:35 – What Lily thinks most people don’t understand about being successful

59:28 – Lily’s thoughts on social media

1:00:37 – The message Lily would broadcast to the world

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